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What do you seek?  Adventure?  Happiness?  Excitement?  Knowledge?

Well, Dara Academy’s new NP SEEK Program is designed for those students who are seeking all of those things.  The SEEK Program was established last year with great success, and is now continuing on into a second year. Whereas last year, the SEEK Program was only for M4, this year it is expanding and will be in grade levels M4 and M5.

The name SEEK is an acronym for the Skilled English Enhancement and Knowledge Program.  It is a new branch of the already long established NP (or Native Speaker) Program.

The NP SEEK Program is quite focused on technology and IT.  Students do a great deal of work on computers doing research, using various programs and even making their own blogs.  They also take regular typing instructions and quizzes to help increase their English typing speed.  The classroom itself is equipped with 5 new computers for student work.  Technology is the future.  English is the future.  The NP SEEK Program strives to put these two aspects together to prepare students for the world ahead.

In addition, students in SEEK focus a great deal on speaking and presentations.  While being able to write in English is unquestionably important, it is even more essential for students to be able to confidently verbally communicate in it.  One of the major goals of the NP SEEK Program is getting the students fluidly conversing with each other, teachers, and other members of the global community.

Students in SEEK are still following the same M4 curriculum that all M4 NP students are using.  However, the textbooks and readers are different, as is the way that we cover the material.  NP SEEK focuses on long-term projects.  Students will also be studying the standard 4 skills as well as grammar and preparing themselves for upcoming exams, both national and entrance.

The long term goal of the NP SEEK Program is to help upper Matayom students realize their dreams.  If they are thinking about travelling abroad, the program is geared to help them find ways to do so.  If they are thinking about becoming a doctor, the program will try to make sure that they are getting some of the vocabulary words that they will need.  NP SEEK aims to give students an extra boost with achieving their academic desires.  After all, the best thing a student can SEEK for is a bright future.

Phil Doc
Philip Hughes - M4 SEEK

Dr Scott - M5 SEEK


Jessamyn Morisette - M6 SEEK

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