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Kindergarten – Anuban 1-3


 Randall Russell - A3 NP

Anuban Group Coordinator

The Dara Academy Pre-school NP program accepts students into three levels of kindergarten classes. These are based on student age between 3 and 6 years.


All levels are linked by the “Letterland” program which is the core curriculum. Each stage has its own level of difficulty which is based on age as well as the child’s natural learning ability. Students learn all four basic skills including letter sounds, letter recognition, writing and reading.

In the early stages, Anuban 1 and 2, students are getting familiar with these basic skills as well as practicing their motor skills. In the third year of Anuban, students are encouraged to apply this knowledge as they begin to blend sounds, write words, and even form short sentences. Anuban levels 2 and 3 are taught at beginner (new students) or advanced level (students who have been with the program for at least one year).

Anuban Teachers

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GinaMarie Serra - A1 NP


Hanna Mosenthal - A2 NP


Angela Cassidy - A2 NP