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Secondary School - Matayom 1-6


Jessamyn Morisette -Matayom Group Coordinator

M6 - S.E.E.K Program

In Matayom we have 12 NP teachers.   Every teacher is educated to university degree level, and has undergone TEFL training.  Our teachers are all native-English speakers, and come from English speaking countries around the world.  The team is made up of teachers from the United States, Canada and the U.K.

Matayom_Courtyard1 Mattayom

In Matayom, we keep NP class sizes to fewer than 30 students.   Our classrooms are dedicated English language spaces; they are solely used for English NP classes.  Each teacher has his/her own room.  Every NP class is equpped with a whiteboard, a computer with speakers and air-con.  All of the classrooms have a projector for use during class.

In Lower Matayom (M1-M3), we use the "Engage" series of textbooks as a teaching resource to help us get the best out of our students.

In Upper Matayom (M4-M6), we use "Stretch" which is more relevant to students of that age group.  The books focus on 'real life' topics and give the students a good grounding for their university entrance exams.

Matayom Teachers

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Jennifer Yip - M1 NP


Elizabeth Beattie - M1 NP


Shawn Smets - M2 NP
 Darragh O'Dea - M2 NP



Andy Babb - M3 NP


Alice Gormley - M3 NP



Alexa Singleton - M4 NP



Philip Hughes - M4 SEEK

NP Librarian

Doc Alice_B
Dr. Donald Scott - M5 SEEK

Alice Bennett - M5 NP

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Christopher Hargreaves - M6 NP

Curriculum Development Coordinator


Nina Bamberg - M2, 4 & 6 -2 Skills


Rebecca Campbell - M5 2 Skills &

Educational English Classes


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