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Primary School - Prathom 1-6

Martin Keough - P6 NP
Prathom Group Coordinator  

The Prathom elementary program at Dara Academy accepts students from ages 6-12, in all levels from 1 to 6. The core curriculum for our NP (4-skills) students is based on an assessment broken down into three categories: K (knowledge), A (attitude), and P (process). 

Prathom2 Prathom1

We use the “Let’s Go” series (currently edition 4) as a basis for our syllabus and lesson planning. In addition, Prathom 1-3 uses the "Oxford Reading Tree" series as a supplementary text to the regular “Let’s Go” series. The 4 skills develop from a basic review and understanding of English letter-forming and speaking in sentences all the way to complex critical thinking skills that lay a foundation for the students’ transition to Matayom 1.


Prathom Teachers

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Lara Molly

Lara Mills - P1 NP


Molly Ryan - P1 NP


Steve Brian

Steve Cawley - P2 NP


Brian Williamson - P2 NP



Rose Ahrens - P3 NP


Paul Parzyszek- P3 NP




Nigel Leahy - P4 NP

Christina Canavan - P4 NP


Doug Yahrmarkt - P5 NP


Nick Watson - P5 NP


Harriet Booth - P6 NP