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Dara Academy is Chiang Mai and northern Thailand's oldest and one of Thailand's largest and most well known private schools. Dara Academy is a private school under The Church of Christ in Thailand. It offers classes from kindergarten to grade twelve. Founded by American missionaries, Reverend Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Sophia McGilvary, Dara Academy was the first girls' school in Northern Thailand.


     The school’s purpose, at the time of its beginning, was for girls’ education to be equal to the education of boys. At the time, boys were educated by monks in Buddhist temples. Currently Dara Academy holds approximately 7, 500 students and educates both boys and girls. Dara Academy is not an International school as all subjects outside of the language programs are taught in the Thai language.  The current director of the school is Dr Uayporn Wangtrakul.



School Vision

Dara Academy will provide learners an education to enhance their morality and ethics, to expose them to essential life skills, to inspire pride in their culture and to increase awareness of the environment and its conservation. Dara learners will be knowledgeable and will possess abilities in many subjects including Thai, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology. Dara will aesthetically develop it buildings and grounds, thereby providing a nurturing environment in which to learn. Dara will strive to enhance community and alumni relations. Dara will develop a sound infra-structure with attention to security and to hiring qualified personnel. The teachers and staff at Dara will achieve a high professional teaching and administrative standard.


School Motto

Good Health

Sound Knowledge

Excellent Morals


Curriculum Vision

Dara Academy provides the students with the skills and the encouragement to become people with good morals and strong ethics, to become life - long learners, and to respect and conserve their culture and environment. The school encourages each student to study at his/her full potential in all subjects such as Thai, English, Mathematics, and Information Technology.